09 January 2011

Stoudt's brewers Reserve 2X Chocolate Porter

Approved just a few hours ago I bring you Stoudt’s Brewer’s Reserve 2X Chocolate Porter. This is their 25.87oz low batch beer so get it while you can. This beer should come in just over 7% ABV and be VERY limited so start chasing it now!

06 January 2011

We were the first to post out the keg packaging for this beer so I’m excited to post up the bottle packaging just approved today for Stoudt’s Brewers Reserve Imperial Schwarzbier. Ed, Carol, Brett and the rest of the brewers at Stoudt’s have come up with a really interesting Imperial version of a traditional German Schwarzbier. This will be packaged in odd 25.8oz packaging and look for a release coming up soon.